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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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  • Priests and parishes in archdiocese work to support victims of domestic violence
    Every minute, nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This equates to more than 10 million people every year.
  • Faith in Action
    Every October for the last 44 years, we here in the United States have observed Respect Life Month. It is a reminder of the value and dignity of every human life. Life comes from God and has been redeemed by Jesus, and we are called to protect it in every stage and circumstance.
  • U.S. bishops carefully unpacking, teaching 'Amoris Laetitia,' report says
    Leaders of the U.S. Catholic Church have been proceeding carefully in their efforts to understand and implement the pope's exhortation on marriage and family, according to a report issued Sept. 27.
  • Insight: A False and Dangerous Compassion
    Our Catholic faith teaches us that assisted suicide gravely violates the sacred value of all human life, particularly the lives of those who are vulnerable due to age, illness, or disability. It also undermines the medical profession's healing mission.
  • New TV programs tackle matters of life, faith and evil
    As broadcast television launches its new season this month, viewers will encounter three new shows that tackle, directly or indirectly, matters of life, faith and the battle of good versus evil. Based on the first episodes available to preview, two of the programs show promise.
  • Do You Have a Call within a Call?
    I’m excited! Really excited! I was blessed to travel to Rome for the canonization of Mother Teresa, one of the most beloved saints of our time. Her call from the Lord to leave teaching to take care of the poor has inspired me from the time I first heard it. God spoke to her heart and she listened, responding with great faith to what she said was her “call within a call.”
  • Five things to pack for college
    Although all of must learn our own lessons in life, from the vantage point of experience, here are five things I pray they take with them to college.
  • Five things a heat wave teaches us
    Ella Fitzgerald has been singing in my head all weekend.  “We’re having a heat wave –a tropical heat wave. The temperature’s rising, It isn’t surprising….”  Meteorologists say there is a dome of high pressure over the United States, making us feel like we are in a pressure cooker. 
  • Feeling the heat, but having reason for hope
    ‘Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” Mark Twain famously said. With the intense heat of the past week, I suspect more than a few of us wished we could do something about it as going outside for even a moment has been uncomfortable.
  • Five (plus two) more ways to have a heart (like unto His)
    I know that five plus two is actually seven, but I am stuck on the "list of five" theme, and I can’t break a streak. In a recent issue of the Catholic Standard, I listed the first five of Jesus’s 12 promises given to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque to those who honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • After graduation, cancer survivor Joey Norris returns to thank team at Children’s Hospital
    On the day of his graduation from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, Joey Norris once again walked the halls of Children’s National National Health System in a gown – only this time it was with a cap on his head and a diploma in his hand.
  • ‘Me Before You’ or You Before Me?
    Louisa Clark looks in the eyes of the stubborn man she has come to love, the incredibly handsome and ambitious Will Traynor, and tearfully whispers, “Tell me something good.” He had once asked her the same weighty question, only under slightly happier circumstances.
  • Opinion: Is Georgetown a nourishing mother or not?
    I was saddened to follow the controversy of my alma mater Georgetown University and its invitation to the president of Planned Parenthood to speak.  It was doubly saddening to read recently in Georgetown’s student newspaper an article written by a senior who, after becoming a mother, decided to end her child’s life by abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility.
  • 5 ways to have a heart (like unto His)!
    In the not so distant past it was common for brides being married in May to have their bridesmaids wear blue to honor the Blessed Mother and in June for them to wear red to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. June is when the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart occurs, and so it is fitting that in this month we remember in a special way Jesus’ Sacred Heart, even if we are not a bridesmaid.
  • Five reasons to sign my petition for the Holy Spirit
    I am thinking about starting a petition on behalf of the Holy Spirit. Okay, I realize that God does not need help from me, but I  think the Holy Spirit gets the short end of the liturgical stick. Christmas gets a season. Easter gets it seven weeks to celebrate. The Holy Spirit gets one day, Pentecost.
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