It is almost Father's Day, and we have a problem. If you flip on the television you will see some serious dad disrespect. Men in television ads are usually pictured as television-obsessed, overgrown-adolescent dolts. How did we go from Father Knows Best to Homer Simpson? If we feel that there has been a loss of mature masculinity, these portrayals are only reinforcing it. Father's Day is a perfect time for guys to set things straight and show the world that real men are gentlemen. I offer you five pieces of advice for men only.

1. Baseball Caps - Somehow it now seems acceptable for guys to wear a hat inside. No! It's not. It's not sunny inside.

2. The Door - My mom taught me to open the door for her. This knowledge is not instinctual, but it is common sense. Do it all the time for strangers, family, ladies with kids, seniors. Teach your sons and daughters to do this early and have them hold the door for you. The outside behavior reinforces the inside reality that love is thoughtful.

3. Stand up - A man stands up to greet people. In business settings it is usually done. However, if we are going to show respect for a boss, how much more respect should we show to those we love. Also, it is a good calorie burner. Stand up for mom, sister, neighbor, older folks and, most importantly, your wife.

4. The T.V. - Count up your T.V. hours a week. Compare it now to the hours spent playing with your kid. Reading. Exercising. Praying. If it exceeds anyone of these, you are watching too much television and in fact growing dumber. God made you for activity not passivity. T.V. is not evil, but it is just a tool that grows dull with overuse.

5. The Challenge - St. Paul says, "anticipate one another in showing honor." (Romans 12, 10) He is saying that we need to be great at thoughtfulness. I am challenging all men to a competition to be the first, the best at being a great guy. Be the first to offer your seat. Don't wait for your wife, kids or parents to hug you, hug them first. Be the champ at showing honor so that world will see that we are not a bunch of television-obsessed, overgrown-adolescent dolts. Show them that real men who are gentlemen.