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God’s work continues in good hands

At right, James Malloy, who became president and CEO of Catholic Charities of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington in July 2023, stands with Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory at left, who appointed him to that position, and with Msgr. John Enzler, who led Catholic Charities for 12 years before retiring from that role last year. (Photo courtesy of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington)

I recently attended the Catholic Charities’ annual gala. I couldn’t be happier with the great time we all had, and more importantly, with the great work that continues at Catholic Charities. It was a blessing to celebrate that work done in the Lord’s name on behalf of those most in need.

I thought back to the 2023 gala, which was my final one as president and CEO of Catholic Charities before I retired at the end of June. I can’t believe it’s almost a year already, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see the good work we tried to do together in my time there continue in abundance under our new president and CEO Jim Malloy.

Jim has previous connections to the archdiocese and a local background at St. John the Baptist Parish in Silver Spring, St. John’s High School and the U.S. Naval Academy. He went on to a highly successful 36-year career in the Navy, achieving the rank of three-star vice admiral. He brings excellent leadership skills to Catholic Charities, and we’re blessed to benefit from his creativity, commitment and gifts.

Something we knew when hiring Jim is now evident to all: his faith in God and the Catholic Church. As a member of the Church, he has a deep desire to serve all who come our way. The search committee did a spectacular job picking such a great leader, and it’s great to see the role I tried to fill to the best of my abilities now being filled so well by Jim.

Catholic Charities is in great hands not only with Jim, but also with our executive team, amazing staff and volunteers, and our generous donors. I have no concerns whatsoever about the future of Catholic Charities and the agency’s ability to make a difference for those in need for years to come. This year’s gala raised more than $3 million to support almost 50 programs at 27 different locations in the archdiocese.

I have a minor role now as the mission advocate, but my love for Catholic Charities, its people and its work is as strong as ever. Cardinal Gregory said to me a little over a year ago, “John, make sure we stay in our lane,” meaning make sure we don’t lose our Catholic identity. My job has been a piece of cake, as that has never been a question or concern.

We are Catholic through and through, and proud of it. Years ago when asked if you needed to be Catholic to be helped by Catholic Charities – which you do not – Cardinal James Hickey, then the archbishop of Washington, said, “We serve the homeless not because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.” Jim Malloy has that same commitment.

I also help a little bit with fundraising, but my new role as chaplain at St. John’s mostly fills my days. I love this new chapter of serving the Lord, this time with young people, and at my alma mater no less.

What a tremendous blessing it was for me to have the great gift of service for 12 years through Catholic Charities. It is an equally tremendous blessing to see the work continue and grow under the leadership of Jim Malloy, the executive team and so many others.

Please continue to support Catholic Charities as you are able. We need your help. It’s a big organization that already does so much, but it takes all of us stepping up and supporting it in any way we can, whether it be through time, talent or treasure.

As I often say, the rewards are out of this world. All who support and work with Catholic Charities are blessed to feel the joy that comes with serving others and doing God’s work each and every day.

(Msgr. John Enzler serves as the mission advocate of Catholic Charities of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington and is a chaplain at his alma mater, St. John’s College High School in Washington. He writes the Faith in Action column for the archdiocese’s Catholic Standard and Spanish-language El Pregonero newspapers and websites.)